IT IS ENOUGH: Mendelssohn’s personal connection to his most famous protagonist, Elijah

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8pm EDT/7pm CDT

American conductor and educator Matthew Mehaffey is crafting a national reputation in the field of choral/orchestral music through his engaging artistry, collaborative spirit, affirming pedagogical style, and entrepreneurial approach to concert programming.

As a conductor, Dr. Mehaffey serves as Music Director of two respected civic choruses, The Oratorio Society of Minnesota and The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh – the “Chorus of Choice” of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Each week he leads over 200 passionate amateur and professional singers in Pittsburgh and St. Paul in the development of concert programs that both celebrate the standard choral/orchestral repertoire and push the boundaries of a traditional choral concert.

Mezzo-soprano Victoria Vargas will lead participants through a video which will focus on alignment, breath and easy phonation. We will work to bring more awareness to the body and find news ways to sing with efficiency and ease!

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