Elitsa Stoyneva Krastev, Bulgarian Folk Singing

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST

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Elitsa Stoyneva Krastev is a seven-time gold medalist in traditional folk singing from Bulgaria. As a child she grew up surrounded with the beauty of Bulgarian traditional music. Elitsa graduated from a professional music school and she has performed at numerous concerts and competitions in Bulgaria and around the world.

After coming to the United States, Elitsa continued to sing representing Bulgaria, as she writes, “with passion and heart.” She has been a guest artist in many music venues around the world, including the Opera Houses in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt, Berklee Performance Center in Boston, the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, and Sanders Theater at Harvard University. 

She has participated in many projects promoting and preserving Bulgarian traditions and singing, and supporting people in need. She has also organized and conducted workshops with diverse groups, including the Harvard-Ratcliffe Chorus, Yale’s Slavic Women’s Chorus, Pletenitsa Berkelle Balkan Choir, Village Harmony and Chicago Children’s Chorus.

Elitsa believes in the power of music “as a unique way to connect people, and in the deep connection between music, science and medicine.”

Elitsa currently lives with her husband Plamen and her baby son George, born last March, in the Boston area.

TUTORIAL: Baba Marta – Traditional Bulgarian holiday celebrated on the first day of March

Click to watch Elitsa and two American friends from her Maine Women’s Balkan Choir in concert in Toronto.

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