Our Love for Robert Page is Here to Stay!

On May 6 and 7, the Mendelssohn and Junior Mendelssohn Choirs gathered with The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Page family, and our closest friends, fellow singers, and music lovers at Heinz Hall to pay tribute to our beloved Robert Page.  It was a wonderful weekend full of laughter, stories, memories and, most importantly, music-making!  Members of every musical group that Bob had ever conducted were represented: MCP alumni, JMCP alumni, CMU alumni, Cleveland Orchestra Chorus, Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, Temple University, Robert Page Singers, and Robert Page Festival Singers, while many of his former conducting students returned to sing as well.  Though there was some sadness, there was also profound joy and gratitude that Bob brought us all together to get reacquainted, make new friends, and share in the musical bond that holds us all so closely, exactly the way Bob would have wanted.  Our love is indeed here to stay!

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