MCP Heavenly During Damnation of Faust

The Mendelssohn Choir descended to the depths of hell and ascended to the highest heavens on March 8 & 10 during the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO)’s performance of Berlioz’s Damnation of Faust, under the baton of PSO Music Director Manfred Honeck.  The MCP demonstrated its trademark versatility: at one moment peasants frolicking in a field, then in another moment a chorus of demons, and in still another moment, an angelic choir.  The MCP was, as usual, thoroughly prepared by Robert Page Music Director Matthew Mehaffey, who shepherded the choir through the twists and turns of French and Berlioz’s wild notes.  As Jeremy Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote, “…the Mendelssohn Choir never ceases to amaze me. This city should be proud of its choir, which demonstrated superb articulation and precision throughout whirling melodies, perfectly complimenting the music’s various sentiments.”

Photo courtesy of Ed DeArmitt

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