A Farewell Message from Music Director Betsy Burleigh

Betsy Burleigh, Music Director of the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, brought her ten-year tenure with the Choir to a close yesterday with a stirring performance of Durufle’s music including his Requiem at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. Elizabeth Bloom, the Post-Gazette’s music critic, wrote that “her farewell concert showed what Pittsburgh will miss in her absence.” 

Dear Friends,

I don’t need to tell you that the Mendelssohn Choir is a treasure for the city of Pittsburgh. It has been my privilege to make music every Wednesday night with the talented and dedicated singers of the Mendelssohn, and a delight to share that music with you, our audience members.
What makes the Mendelssohn Choir special is its dedication to the highest level of music making. Central to what we are, central to this quality, is the dynamic mix of skilled and professional singers. Every week when I walk into our rehearsals, I am struck by the clear and ringing sound unique to this group. That sound, the wonderful people who make it, and the magic that happens only through musical expression have kept me coming to Pittsburgh every week for almost a full decade.
Thank you for your support of great singing–what we do takes money as well as time, effort, and talent. I know that the Mendelssohn will continue its core mission of quality, and I know you will be there to cheer them on. I look forward to joining you in offering the applause.
With heartfelt thanks,


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