Recordings & Merchandise

The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh offers a variety of quality recordings for purchase through retail outlets, online merchants, or directly through the choir. See below for ordering information or contact the Mendelssohn Choir office at 412-926-2488 or email Emily Stewart at

MCP_Galbraith_MissaMysteriorum300x300Nancy Galbraith: Missa Mysteriorum

Commissioned and premiered by the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh in 1999, Nancy Galbraith’s Missa Mysteriorum (Mass of Mysteries) is scored for wind ensemble, choir and soloists. The mass moves fluidly through an extraordinary range of dymanics and emotion, from whisper to primal scream, from pathos to joy. Passages of plainchant contrast with more modern harmonies and rhythms to evoke a timeless aura of devotional wonder. The ‘mysteriorum’ of the title refers to mysteries of faith, but the music itself is ethereal and intimate, personal and at the same time otherworldly.
Available on CD ($18.50).*

MCP_Rachmaninoff_Vespers125X125Rachmaninoff: Vespers, Op. 37

Sergei Rachmaninoff’s immortal Vespers (“All-Night Vigil”), a beautiful work composed in 1916, is one of the best known a cappella choral pieces in Western music.  These settings of Russian and Greek Orthodox traditional chants are full of breathtaking Romantic harmonies and exquisitely layered vocal textures.  Deeply moving and majestic, this recording showcases the first-class Mendelssohn Choir’s voices in a transformative musical experience.  “In the Orthodox Church, it is said that the mind should enter the heart,  surely there is no better illustration… than Rachmaninoff’s sublime music.”
Available on CD ($18.50).*


Christmas! with the River City Brass Band

With Christmas! the Mendelssohn Choir and River City Brass Band offer a combined holiday wish.  Included are perennial holiday favorites ranging from “Little Drummer Boy” to “Let It Snow”; from Mel Torme’s “The Christmas Song” to “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”
Available on CD ($18.50).*

MCP_OnTour_Dvorak_StabatMater125x82Dvorak: Stabat Mater Op. 58

Composed between 1875-77 while Dvorak coped with the successive deaths of his three children, the Stabat Mater is a profound masterwork reflecting the composer’s journey from grief to spiritual redemption.  A sublime and personal setting of an ancient Latin poem describing Mary’s grief at Jesus’ crucifixion, this lushly orchestrated work is a glorious and powerful description of despair, faith and love.

Recorded live in Echternach with the Radio-Television Orchestra of Luxembourg during the Mendelssohn Choir’s European tour.
Available on cassette tape only ($13.00).*

MCP_SingingForOurSupper-125x163Singing for Our Supper – The Mendelssohn Choir Cookbook

The handsome, spiral-bound Singing for Our Supper: Masterful Menus from the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh offers 213 pages of delightful recipes from current and past singers and choir supporters.  The recipes include favorites tested in the kitchens and dining rooms of the entire Mendelssohn Choir family.  This commemorative cookbook is available for only $20 plus $4 shipping and handling directly through the Choir.  “If music be the food of love, well, then… eat on!”


To Order: Complete recordings order form and mail to The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, Heinz Hall, 600 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or E-mail form to Emily Stewart,  *Prices include 7% PA sales tax and shipping.


Centennial Season MendelMerchandise

mendlcafe-thumbnailStainless Steel Coffee Press

The Bodum double-walled stainless steel thermo press keeps your coffee or tea hot for more wake-up calls than you’ll ever need.  This limited-edition Columbia thermo press is custom-engraved with the Mendelssohn Choir Centennial Logo and is available in 6-cup (1.5 liter) and 4-cup sizes (1 liter) for $69 and $79 respectively.  Supply is limited for the 4-cup size.




mendlmug-thumbnailStainless Steel Travel Mug

This insulated, 16-ounce mug is spill-resistant due to the sliding top valve system.  The Mendelssohn Choir Centennial Logo in dense black engraving is alloyed into the stainless steel and can never wear off.  Cost of each mug is $19.



To Order: Complete merchandise order form and mail to The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, Heinz Hall, 600 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or E-mail form to Emily Stewart,

Tax Deductibility: 33% of your total purchase reflects a tax-deductible contribution to the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh.  Additional contributions are welcome.

The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh wishes to thank Signature Artware for their facilitation of this project.