Suzannah Park, Music of Appalachia

Wednesday, February 3, 2021
7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST

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A native of Asheville, NC, Suzannah Park is a playful and gifted teacher that can coax complex harmonies from her singers and has immeasurable belief in each singer’s abilities. Her infectious love of music and community creates a welcoming and vibrant space in her workshops and safety and ease in her one on one lessons.

In 2008, Suzannah and her singing partner, Nathan Morrison, began the Wild Asheville Community Chorus (WACC) as a fun hometown project. It started with twelve friends singing in their living room and has since grown to 100 singers per season. The choir is still going strong and welcomes new singers at the top of each season.

Suzannah’s other main project is as the program director for local non-profit, Community Roots. She leads marches, dance parties in the streets, works with local residence, artists, businesses, police officers and politicians and promotes and engages in dismantling all systems of oppression and division.

“I was lucky enough to grow up singing, dancing and bounding around the country performing, going to music parties and feeling safe wherever music filled the room,” she writes. “As a child, I believed that everyone sang and played instruments or were storytellers, dancers or artists of some sort. I still believe that they are.”

As of 2019, Suzannah is the choir teacher and voice teacher at Warren Wilson College.

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“Persimmon and Sound: Stories of folks living the dream and doing good work.”
Click to watch Suzannah Park share a version of Blue Mountains, learned from Robin and Linda Williams. 

Click to watch a full video interview of touring singer, dancer, story teller and artist, Suzannah Park talking about her work, her travels, and some of the pros and cons of touring.

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