Meet the Mendelssohn!

The 2019-2020 Mendelssohn Choir is made up of 140 unique, talented, and brilliant individuals.  Check back here often for profiles of our fascinating singers!

+Troy Dinga, Baritone

Full Name: Troy Matthew Dinga

Neighborhood of Residence: Ford City, PA

What do you spend your time doing when you’re not singing with the choir? I’m currently working on finishing my senior comprehensive project/thesis to receive a BA in Music from Allegheny College. In the meantime, I try to be on or beside the stage as often as I can and often work with the Armstrong Community Theater (ACT) as both a performer and production team member. In my free time, I’ve been working on clearing out junk at home, visiting any number of close friends who’ve moved into Pittsburgh after school, and playing D&D and other RPGs with some of those same people online. 

Number of Years with MCP: This season will be my first year! 

Most Memorable Moment with MCP: So far, it has to be standing with a group of singers at MaryColleen’s house as part of the half that tried their best to follow whatever standards Matt found to play on the piano. 

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming (2019-2020) MCP season? I cannot wait to begin working on Satan’s Fall. The work sounds fascinating as a performer and getting to work with Stewart Copeland in person on his own work is an incredible opportunity for any musician.

Other than classical, what is your favorite genre of music? I adore listening to different interpretations of folk music and sea shanties. 

What is your current favorite song to sing along to? “Sailor Song” by Autoheart

What is your first memory of singing or connecting with a song? While I’ve felt genuinely emotional in performances prior to this instance, I remember being particularly moved while performing the song “On the Death of a Friend” by Steven Sametz, the guest director for that PMEA All-State Chorus concert. The combination of the simple but earnest text and excellent emotional sensitivity in the music itself was a powerful reminder of why I never want to lose the love I have for vocal music. 

What always brings a smile to your face? Anytime I finish a show or a concert and I get to speak with people who found themselves genuinely invested in the performance one way or another, that enthusiasm and gratitude is a gift and chance to smile without reservation that I’ll never take for granted. 

Do you have any pets? What type of animal is/are they, and what is/are their name(s)? The pet is not mine, directly, but I often help to watch and take care of my girlfriend’s dog, Boulette (“Meatball” in French). She’s a beautiful, brown pitbull and labrador mix with just the saddest amber eyes you ever did see (Boulette, not my girlfriend).